HAFFORD.NG ™  is our trademark and an arm of Hafford Investment Nigeria Limited based in Lagos Nigeria. We are a market leader in the sourcing and export of agricultural commodities and registered with Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC).

Hafford is formed by a team of seasoned professionals with years of experience and vast network of industry partners. We offer strategic sourcing services, quality control and cross-border logistics services. Having realized the global demand for quality commodities, we work closely with selected suppliers to ensure customers receives the best products at the most competitive price. Specifically, we deal mainly with tropical grains, seeds, beans and kernels from the Sub-Saharan African region.

As Nigeria’s fast-growing export company, we are highly positioned to support our customers with detailed market reports for effective decision making and procurement. We at Hafford ensures customer’s order is delivered on time, on budget and to specification. Most importantly, we ensure our commodities are ethically sourced with zero child labour. As part of the global community, we pay undivided attention to corporate social responsibilities (CSR), working closely with our trusted partners whilst helping generations of farmers grow stronger.

Empowering small holders farmers
Cocoa export


HAFFORD.NG offers the best services and operates at the intersection of quality, professionalism and speed. Hafford employs best-fit strategies and a team of industry experts to solve the simplest task. Our Ubuntu philosophy has enabled us collaborate and offer countless opportunities to our team, investors and customers. At Hafford.NG, we have an eye on just everything.

Our Vision

Empowering and supporting the smallholder farmers in Africa through trade.

Our Mission

Hafford.NG is on a mission to constantly deliver professional sourcing services, quality checks and export of tropical products. We provide these services whilst adhering to the economic, social and environmental conditions of our farmers and host communities.


Cashew nut ready for export

The cashew nut, often simply called a cashew, is widely consumed. It is eaten on its own, used in recipes, or processed into cashew cheese or cashew butter.

Sesame Seed

Sesame seeds are extremely beneficial for health but are often overlooked. They have the ability to prevent diabetes, lower blood pressure, prevent a wide variety of cancers, build strong bones, protect against radiation, and improve the heart health.

Cocoa bean

The cocoa bean, also called cacao bean, cocoa and cacao is the dried and fully fermented seed of Theobroma cacao, from which cocoa solids and, because of the seed's fat, cocoa butter can be extracted.